Poor Mona Lisa: Apple takes over the Louvre

Poor Mona Lisa: Apple takes over the Louvre

The line for the Louvre museum will get some serious competition as there’s a new touristic highlight coming up which might attract too many visitors as well. Apple enters the museum area with the opening of a new flagship store. Who will win? The faint smile of the Mona Lisa or one of Steve Jobs’ new shiny gadgets?

Bar in the LouvreThe upcoming store has something in common with the ones in New York (Fifth Avenue) and London (Regent street), it’s located at one of world’s busiest touristic hot spots. Every year, 8.3 million visitors stroll by. A large percentage of those people won’t be able to resist the wonderfully designed window displays of the 7,696-square-feet store.

When we – The Next Web team – harassed Parisian Web 2.0 companies during the Open Office Road Trip last February, Charles Nouÿrit from MyID.is took us to a bar in the Louvre. I remember that when we were enjoying the over-priced cocktails of Le Saut du Loup, we praised the rather impressive atmosphere of the gigantic building (see picture). I’m sure Jobs thought the same thing when exploring the new location for his next retail hit.

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