MeOwns, because we’re living in a material world

MeOwns, because we’re living in a material world

Madonna already taught us years ago, we’re living in a material world. Well, good news for all you material girls and boys out there, I’ve just find a place for you to brag about what your bling bling, 1000+ vinyl collection or designer tiys. This service, that goes by the correctly 2.0 misspelled name of meOwns, makes it possible to showcase your belongings on their site, Facebook, and blogs. Here’s their motivation for that:Madonna as material girl

Can you tell what kind of person someone is just by the way he looks? Not necessarily, but you can by looking at what he owns!

So after you’ve registered to this utterly materialistic service, you can create collections and add items to them. The Egyptian software company behind meOwns kept the features simple. You only have to fill in a title, description, and tags, and add an image. Simplicity is good, but maybe they took it too far, as you can’t rate an item. And rating stuff is what makes a service like this interesting. OK, we’re all narcissists, but after a while, even showcasing your own stuff becomes boring.

When I blogged about Blippr – collect and review your media – a while ago, the whole office here went wild and started to use the service. The most important reasons? Creating a personal overview and getting recommendations via the ratings you’ve made. And although meOwns allows you to showcase more than just media, it lacks those killer features.

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