Kate Middleton: the next Female Internet Hero?

Kate Middleton: the next Female Internet Hero?

Kate MiddletonYesterday, I read in the press that Queen Elisabeth has urged Kate Middleton, Prince William’s bride to be, to get a proper job. Without having decided exactly what she wants to make a career in, so the story goes, she won’t be a viable candidate to take over the Queens position next to Prince William in the future. Her current work is obviously not a serious job according to the Queen. The Queen believes in a modern Monarchy and feels very strongly that the Royals should be leading by example.

Kate announced last September that she was giving up her job as an accessories buyer to become a photographer. She has been working and taking pictures for the website of party company Party Pieces since. That company was founded by her parents, Micheal and Carole Middleton in 1987 and is the UK’s leading online and catalogue party company.

That makes Kate the daughter of a Female Internet Hero, co-founder Carole Middleton. And when Kate takes over the company as a CEO, she will be a Female Internet Hero herself, and thus, leading by example. Just what the Queen wants. But before that, Kate may need some work experience in other internet companies.

I am sure there are many companies interested, but I would love to have her on board in one of my ventures. So the question is: Kate, how can I get in contact with you to offer you a job in the Internet Industry? To offer you the possibility to become a role model als Female Internet Hero yourself?

Or maybe you, as readers, know someone who knows her and so on? I am curious to know whether the six degrees of separation works in this respect? Anyone?

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