Get into Disneyland for free with Google Earth

Get into Disneyland for free with Google Earth

The official Google blog welcomed another big shot to its list of guest authors: Jay Rasulo – chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He had a fun announcement to make, packed in some slick PR language:

Last May, Eric Schmidt and I met to talk about The Walt Disney Company’s focus on technology. We started to explore innovative ways we could work together to bring one of the world’s most magical destinations to Google Earth’s millions of users… and how our guests could be a mouse-click away from visiting the place where dreams come true.


So Schmidt and Rasulo sent their employees to work, and within a month, a new feature within Google Earth has emerged: flying through Disneyworld. Every theme park has been copied into detail. So next time you want to go to Disneyland, you can plan exactly which roller coaster you want to see first. As Disney also took care of attraction descriptions, videos, photos, links to menus, event calendars, tickets, and reservations.

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