Not a native English speaker? Here’s an invite for!

Not a native English speaker? Here’s an invite for!

As my co-editor Boris has mentioned before, most of the Next Web’s contributing editors aren’t native English speakers. That’s why we’re quite fond of, an Australian start-up that develops a remote spell checking service. Boris blogged about them two weeks ago. After mentioning we all hate typos and ask you to notify us as soon as you see one, he wrote: “the solution promises to offer sounds even better. They remotely monitor your blog or website and send you updates when they find errors and typos.” I figured it was about time to mail founder Kevin Garber to see how is coming along. “We have been working hard at refining the spell check engine to have it free from as many “false positives”. We are almost at a stage where we are happy with the results.” After that, Garber and his team will set up an introductory pricing plan and start working on the automatic monitoring: “The developers would shoot me if I locked anything in, but we are hoping to have introductory pricing offers in a month, and monitoring a month thereafter.”

Ever been to a tech festival?

TNW Conference won best European Event 2016 for our festival vibe. See what's in store for 2017. is a really relevant service for all the main-land European bloggers out there who blog in English. But we have to wait for another two months. Luckily Garber has decided to give you 80 private beta invites, that makes the waiting less hard. Get yours here.

If we all use the service, Garber and his team could check what the most common mistakes per country are. So every Frenchman, German, or Italian would be able to check where the danger in spelling lies for him.

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