Arrange a meeting for your next life…beg your pardon?

Arrange a meeting for your next life…beg your pardon?

Dragon’s Den is a TV program which enables entrepreneurs to present their start-ups to VC’s and of course for the next Webbers – who’re happy to meet start-ups and new business ideas – a must see. Especially when someone is presenting a business plan which relates to social media, communities and next web functionalities and this happened yesterday. An entrepreneur presented which is a social website for people who want to meet their counterparts in their next life

nextlife is a website for people who believe in reincarnation and want to make an appointment with like-minded in the future. You can define your profile on the website, define your profile of your past life……What? Wait a moment…..Ow, I see, if you follow the course at you can uncover your personal life and profile of your past life…. Anyway, after you filled in your past life experience you can specify your focus in your past and future life and based on this focus you can make an attempt to meet each other in the nextlife. (As you would understand, you won’t be able to remember your password and profile, so focus points should enable you to keep your appointment in your next life – I guess).

As a I’m not an adherent of the faith related to reincarnation I don’t see the added value of social communities and social media for this project. And to be honest, I fully agreed with the VC’s who choose to not invest in the idea because it is simply worthless. Besides the architecture, interface and content (mix of Dutch and English) leaves much to desired. Therefore, credits to the creative brains behind the idea, negative kudos to the executor. I don’t want to meet you in this and next life at all.

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