Another trip to San Francisco: live bloggin’ Supernova

Another trip to San Francisco: live bloggin’ Supernova

Here at the Next Web office, we’re getting ready for our second trip of the year to San Francisco. We weren’t planning on it – at least not in such a short while -, yet the experience at Web 2.0 Expo was so beyond our expectations that we HAVE to go back. So Patrick, Arjen, and I are going to Supernova on June 16 to June 18.

Boris and I wrote 17 posts about Web 2.0 Expo, met up with almost every important blogger – from Richard MacManus to Pete Cashmore -, had a few great parties, found a lot inspiration, and – above all – met a lot of you guys, our readers (Apparently we’re not the only Europeans crossing the ocean once in a while). Moreover, Supernova seems like a really interesting conference, as their speakers address the influence of the new technologies on business, society, and politics. Of course we’ll be live blogging their keynotes. The confirmed speakers list includes:

the supernova conference

  • Jonathan Schwartz (Sun)
  • Esther Dyson (EDventure)
  • Clay Shirky (NYU)
  • Lili Cheng (Microsoft)
  • Joe Kraus (Google)

But were not just coming for the speakers, we’d love to meet up with you too. So please drop us a line to schedule a date. Or just walk up to us when you see three white suits passing by.

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