Tweet Cube: “blast” your files through Twitter

Tweet Cube: “blast” your files through Twitter

Although these days nobody would associate the word “blast” with Twitter, Tweet Cube uses it in its service description. It’s actually kind of charming, while the whole geek world seems to be missing sleep over their Twitter worries, developers like Anthony Feint keep improving the microblogging service by building mash-ups.

Tweet CubeSo this mash-up is entering a Twitter mash-up battle, as there are already some file sharing services like Twit+ and Twittershare. Moreover, many services have Twitter integration. So instead of using a file sharing tool for images, I could just press the “Twitter it” button in Skitch.

Tweet Cube seems to have two important assets that could help in this heated clash of file sharing apps. Firstly, they really have the Twitter look and feel going on with the italic fonts, cuddly clouds and soft-toned colors. Secondly, it’s as easy as it can possibly get. Upload a file, add a message and.., click. There it is.

For now, there’s a 10mb size limit and files will be deleted after 30 days. Yet the arrival of some sponsors might change that. They should, since although you don’t look back when using Twitter, it can always come in useful to have an archive of your shared files.

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