Will reminder service Remime make me a nicer guy?

Will reminder service Remime make me a nicer guy?

You know, forgetting birthdays is such an embarrassing phenomenon that I just can’t stop blogging about it. I’m a nice guy, really, and pretty social. But when you’re a friend of mine, I just tend to forget your birthday on the day itself. So I’m on this ongoing quest of finding THE perfect birthday reminder. I’ve tried Time Machiner, Skype, Plaxo, Hyves, Hallmark and have several yearly Google Calendar reminders. Yet there are days I still fail. I’m sure it’s not just me, so here we go again with yet another reminder service: Remime.com.

The three guys who have developed Remime, experience the same problem as me: they suck at remembering dates. They live in different countries and have built the service by extensive usage of Skype. So what’s the result?


Remime asks you to add important dates, which they will store. You can then specify how you want to be reminded and when. Also, you can buy gifts (there’s your business model). Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. And simplicity is good. Just look at the success of Twitter. Yet I believe Remime is a bit too simple. I want more! What about SMS integration, syncing services with other online calendars and other ways to keep with those oh-so important dates?

Luckily, the team from Remime promises to include some of these functions. They might not realize it, but those new features will probably life-savers. Otherwise it’s just another reminder service which a desperate birthday-forgetting type like me will just skip.

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