The Internet FAQ from 2085

The Internet FAQ from 2085

Grim FutureWe have great news! As you know we are constantly browsing the current web looking for clues of what the next web will look like. It seems that our search is over as we have found an artifact from the future looking back at the Internet we currently use. A post titled “The Internet FAQ from 2085” describes what led to the World Wide Web, how it died (somewhere after 2030) and what the ‘googlecom’ was.

One example from the FAQ:

Q: I noticed the word “NSFW” in a world web sites museum displaying hypertext reproductions. What does it mean?
A: Scientific research at the late Mars Research Laboratory came to the conclusion that NSFW announced the display of a widely popular human called Britneyspears in the 1970s. Why warnings were issued before the viewing of this human is unclear.

Please let us know if this completely satisfies your interest in the Next Web so we can decide whether to shut down this blog in anticipation of the demise of planet 5010.

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