Control your offline world with Twitter!

Control your offline world with Twitter!

Yesterday I posted a video of Allen Stern from Centernetworks singing a Twitter Ballad titled “Twitter Come Back“. In my opinion stuff like that, silly as it looks, is proof of customer loyalty that most people can only dream about. Only companies like Apple can count on such loyal and creative devotees.

Today I present you a video by Justin Wickett who built a system to control his house’s electrical system. His words:

My goal was to turn lights on and off via cell phone text messaging. Using Bob Paauwe’s iLink INSTEON software as well as Twitter, I was able to network my cell phone with my house’s electrical system. The goal is to implement this on a larger scale at the Duke University Smart Home

The result:

Original here: Control Lights with Twitter on Vimeo. If you want to talk to Justin directly why don’t you connect with him at Just don’t direct message him “lights off bedroom”.

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