Surchur: perfect for a quick news check-up

Surchur: perfect for a quick news check-up

The design is hideous, yet the user interface is just fine. The news sources are limited, but their selection is actually pretty good. I’m talking about Surchur, a site that gives you an one-page overview of results from different search engines and services like Delicious, Digg, Google News, Technorati, Flickr and Amazon. As the before mentioned names suggest, you can search through pages, news, pictures, video, and products.

It’s an easy-to-use meta search engine which is perfect for a quick news check-up about a certain subject. For example, when I started this article, I tested Surchur by looking up articles about the service itself. This gave me a neat overview of the bloggers – like Emily Chang – who had already shined their light on “the latest, the greatest”. When I hover over the results, a handy overlay pops up with some more information.


An improvement would be a browser plugin, so users don’t have to browse to Surchur before they can start searching. Another idea would be a suggestion box, so users can tip the team behind Surchur which search engine they miss. I for one, would like to see a Wikipedia and LinkedIn box. But first of all, let’s work on that design, shall we?

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