Spellr.us: remote spell checking for blogs

Spellr.us: remote spell checking for blogs

http://blog.spellr.us/Spellr.us, currently in closed beta, is a service I can imagine using , and even paying for, as soon as they launch. Here at The Next Web blog we have a lot of contributing editors and most of them aren’t native English speakers. We are all allergic to errors in spelling and typos and try to correct each other as often as possible. But the solution Spellr.us promises to offer sounds even better. They remotely monitor your blog or website and send you updates when they find errors and typos.

We can only hope they don’t just do a regular spell check but also look for obvious mistakes like mixing up “there” “they’re” and “their”. These errors are common on a lot of blogs and unfortunately aren’t corrected by most spelling checkers.

I suggested them to also develop a WordPress plugin that sends me reports via email and then lets me accept changes remotely. That way I can quickly look at the suggested changes and accept them by following a different url for each typo found.

Until the service launched launches we will have to rely on our own writing skills and the feedback from our readers. If you ever see typos or spelling errors be sure to leave a comment so we can change them.

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