BeenUp2: another mobile photo sharing service

BeenUp2: another mobile photo sharing service

When something happens in my life that I find noteworthy enough to share with family, friends, business relations and “weak ties”, I post it to Twitter. Sometimes words are not enough and I post a photo using Mobypicture. So my sharing needs are full-filled. Yet the majority of people lack this fulfillment, mostly because they don’t use Twitter. For those folks, Ian Kilpatrick has built BeenUp2. (Update: Layton Wedgeworth is also one of the site’s founding fathers.) mobile photo sharingOn BeenUp2, users can send photos of life’s special moments to their profile by using a phone, e-mail or an old-fashioned uploader. There’s also an iPhone app for all you hipsters out there. As soon as the pic is live, the “chit-chat” can begin as other people may post comments on your photo. Sounds familiar right? Twitter for visually-minded people?

There are some differences though. For example, when you’re an active Twitter user, your messages and photos just disappear in a dull older/ newer post archives. BeenUp2 however, creates a diary for those nostalgic moments. There’s also a geotag feature which makes it possible to browse around the globe. But to be honest with you, Flickr already offers these services. And when it comes down to the archives, there’s probably already a Twitter app for it (if not, I guess now there’ll be one pretty soon).

If somebody came up to me and asked where he could share special moments, I would tell him to adopt today’s standards and sign up for Twitter, which he should connect to Flickr by using a service like Mobypicture. Even though BeenUp2 is really easy to use, it’s just one service too many. The web is already cluttered enough. Like Lani from KillerStartups noted:

Will users grow tired of the same pic/video sharing/ social networking offers currently flooding the market?

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