Red Couch Interviews

Red Couch Interviews

Red Couch InterviewsThe people from Level 3 travel all over the world to events and conferences, put down a Red Couch and interview people about the future of the web. They try to find out what people would do if there was no web at all, what they miss in the current web and how it affects their lives.

They interviewed a lot of people at The Next Web Conference 2007 edition and again at the 2008 edition.

Those interviews can now be found online here:

Here is a list of all people they interviewed this year:

Corly Bedacht (triprtv), Minne Belger (Cellspace), Simone Burmmelhuis (, Gary Cige (Zilok), Sam Desimpel (Introniche), Vladimir Oane Dragos Ilinca (Ubervu), Patrick de Laive (The Next Web), Nick Hallstead (Favorit), Steven Jongeneel (Symbaloo), Jan-Joost Kraal (ebuddy), Martin Källström Twingly), Marco Menato Wauw), Edgar Neo (bvit), Martlin Pannevis (Nulaz), Gil Penchina (wikia), Solofo Rafeno (Beezbox), Marc Rougier (Goojet), Arjen Schat (The Next Web), Dr. Christian Schmidkonz (, Andrew Scott (Rummble), Bryan Thatcher (Empressr), Joe Trainor (Level 3 Communications), Reinout te Brake (The Spill Group), Louise Verschuren (wuzzon), Dr, Werner Vogels (, Mathijs van Abbe ( and me: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (The Next Web).

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