Hellotree: use those family tags to beat Geni

Hellotree: use those family tags to beat Geni

Genealogy service Geni has some competition: Hellotree. This is a place where you and your family can build a family tree and keep each other up to date by sending private messages. Moreover, there’s also room for nostalgics, as you can post archive photos of those good ol’ summer days in the family garden.

Hellotree: get your family beyond tags and in a tree

The flash tree is pure eye candy and grows as you and your family members invite more relatives. Though I think it’s not enough, as Geni is HUGE. They have over 15 million profiles and are the definite market leader in this social media area. If Hellotree wants to build an audience like that, they should work on the integration of existing social networks. I mean, they already have the typical Web 2.0 appearance with all the gradients and big fonts. So why not offering all those Flickr addicts to take it beyond the ‘family’ tag?

Family on Flickr
Family tag on Flickr

If the API‘s of services that have a family distinction in contacts support this, Hellotree might have found an angle to become a serious competitor of Geni. With a few clicks, people can already have their Flickr photos and MyBlogLog blogs included in their profile. Work on that, team from Hellotree, and a forest of family trees may lie ahead of you.

[via eHub]

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