Sososher knows how to create high expectations

Sososher knows how to create high expectations

Keeping track of blogs like The Museum of Modern Betas and KillerStartUps sometimes drives me nuts. How many new start-ups could there possibly be? Everyday, another fifty seem to launch. So obviously, when you’re building a start-up of your own, getting attention is vital.

And this is the point where Lauren Nash from Sososher corrects me. She thinks “a big percentage of the success of a web start-up, among many others, is based on traffic.” Her start-up is at the beginning stages of design and construction. Nash: “We thought rather than do a Beta or Soft launch, we would start to generate traffic before the website has actually been launched.”

So she and the rest of the team created one fancy page that certainly creates high expectations.


The news reporter desk includes all kinds of gimmicks, focused on two things: impress you with eye-candy and persuade you to sign up to a newsletter or social network group. We don’t know anything yet, only that this English start-up will “change the way you shop online”. But it MUST be something cool right?

So although there’s still nothing going on here, I’ve posted this article to inspire other start-ups out there. Find ways to stand out, it absolutely works. If you asked a Next Web conference attendee which presenting start-up they can remember, he or she would probably mention Soocial. Why? Because they created a hilarious campaign around lost-glory star David Hasselhof. That’s how easy it can be. I’m sure you can mention another example?

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