; discover keyword trends in blogs; discover keyword trends in blogs

Trendpedia blog searchAttentio is a market intelligence company based in Brussels. I met its CEO Simon McDermott a few months ago at Plugg. They launched a new service yesterday called Trendpedia. It is a basic search engine that looks for trends in blog posts and generates cool looking graphs with the results.

In this example query we look for “carla bruni” and “nicolas sarkozy” to see how these names are connected:

Trendpedia (beta) - carla bruni, nicolas sarkozy

Clicking on the graph gets you blogposts from that period so you can see why spikes occur.

Although this IS a blog search that description doesn’t quite catch the benefits of Trendpedia. The Social media monitoring, buzz tracking and brand measurement (mentioned in the Window Title) is much more interesting. Simple Blog Search is handled well enough by Google Blogsearch and Technorati. I see it as a perfect companion to Google Alerts to anyone who is passionate about his brand and wants to know the trends surrounding your brand names.

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