in closed beta but we have invites! in closed beta but we have invites!
Dania (CFO) & Gregory Gerhardt (CEO) from
Dania & Gregory Gerhardt from at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco

In 12 days Switzerland-based Amazee will launch in open beta. We met the founders, Dania and Gregory Gerhardt, at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco where they are very actively promoting their start-up. The service they aim to deliver is a simple site which allows people to work on projects that need more than one person to achieve their goals. They can set goals, invite people to join them and share their projects.

This isn’t a standard project management software but more of a platform for people who want to reach certain goals and need a tool to make that possible. The goals can be as simple as ‘Clean my house’ or as difficult as ‘Change our school system’. Unlike many other project management services Amazee is being built to do serious as well us fun projects and not really aimed at the corporate project manager.

Or, as it is explained on the Amazee blog:

Have you ever had a goal which required the attention and engagement of more people than just yourself? Then you are on the right platform. Amazee is a free platform that allows you to state your goals and gives you the tools to connect with like-minded people to run and promote projects. Whatever your goal is, publicize and pursue it on Amazee!

Think about your life’s goals the small and the big ones. They are an expression of your personality and they indicate to the world where you are heading for. Show them. Achieve them.

They visited Robert Scoble who made this video of Dania explaining the project:

Dania was kind enough to share 50 invites with us to give to our readers. Digg this post, leave a comment and I will personally email you an invite.

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