Nick Gonzalez: “The best TechCrunch post.., ever”

Nick Gonzalez: “The best TechCrunch post.., ever”

Nick Gonzalez, former TechCrunch blogger who used to sleep over 3 nights a week at Arrington’s, just told the crowd at the “Intro to Blogs & Social Media Marketing” Web 2.0 Expo session what he considers to be THE best TechCrunch post ever. Well, this is the legendary article:

Japanese ISPs To Ban File Sharers

The honor goes to Duncan Riley, who wrote a post about Japanese Internet service providers that wanted to ban file sharers from the Internet. According to Gonzalez, it’s not just the best post because it has more than 1000 comments. No, the main reason is that it brought in an “insane amount of traffic”. “Somebody buzzed the story, and somebody else did as well. It ended up at the Yahoo front page, which leads to around 300,000 clicks per second. That’s a crap load of users”.

Here’s what Arrington said about this spectacular event:

The link went live at 5:45 PM PST as one of the bottom four links in the news box (these send less traffic) and was up through the day. Despite the fact that yesterday was a Saturday (slowest traffic day of the week) and that it was up only 1/4 of the day, we had our highest traffic day ever and over 1,000 comments were left on the post.

So in terms of traffic Gonzalez is obviously right. Yet I think that when it comes to blogging, quality is more important than quantity. That’s why I prefer one of Arrington’s editorials to be the no. 1 TechCrunch post ever..

Update: read this post by Oliver Taco: TechCrunch Can’t Do Math

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