Live reporting from Alternative Search Engines’ Day

Live reporting from Alternative Search Engines’ Day
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Ernst-Jan and I will be reporting live from the invitation only ‘Alternative Search Engines’ Day‘ event in San Francisco today. The event is organized by which is part of the ReadWriteWeb network and blogs daily about search engine news.

They were kind enough to invite us over to their closed event because we have shared a couple of stories in the past and are both eager to find out what the next step in Search will be.

On Monday, April 21st, a unique event will take place as dozens of Alternative Search Engines gather together for one special day organized by them and for them. Panels will be led by HealthPricer, UpTake, SeeqPod, Powerset, KartOO, and AltSearchEngines. There will also be a presentation by GoPubMed. The event is not open to the public – or Google.

What happens when you get dozens of the top alternative search engines in the same room for an entire day? We’ll let you know live and direct from the event!

Kick-off by Charles Knight, founder of
There are 227 alternative search engines right now.
Demo of Multi-Search engine.
Now (Dutch Simple Search engine with labels)
Richard MacManus, founder of ReadWriteWeb on stage too.
Question of the day: ‘Is the status quo fine or do we need a new direction?’
Quote: ‘We are frenemies’. The 227 alternative search engines don’t really compete but all have their own niche.

Alternative Search Engines' Day

Nitin Karandikar gives us a summary of his Manifesto for cooperation for Alt Search Engines.

Coffee break!

Now on stage: HealthPricer with Spock and SurfCanyon

Enough updates on Al Search Engines for us today. We are now moving on to the Pownce lunch and after that 2 more events which you will read about more here later. More information about this event on Alt Search Engines and ReadWriteWeb!

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