Absolut Machines: Creating Creative Intelligence

Absolut Machines: Creating Creative Intelligence

AI, for Artificial Intelligence still seems like something from the distant future. But Artificial Creativity is here! It’s name is ABSOLUT MACHINES.

Two artists, Jeff Lieberman and Dan Paluska, sponsored by Absolut (with money, not wodka), have been given the opportunity to experiment with the concept of Artificial Creativity. Right now there are two installations that can be played with and watched live on the web. The result is very exciting. I played with it for almost 15 minutes and than kept the music running in the background for another hour or so.

As seen in the beginning of this video, a visitor (could be you) enters a melody on their computer keyboard. The machine then uses this melody to generate a unique 2.5 minute piece of music. And you can watch the result live in your browser and from different angles too. The site isn’t very popular so you can dive right in and compose your own masterpiece and watch it being performed.

You can also visit the machine if you happen to be in New York. It is on display at 186 Orchard st (between Stanton and Houston) NY NY 10002 until April 25th, 2008.

Visit absolutmachines.com to interact with the machine every day between 9am-11pm EST or see how it works here:


More information at http://bea.st/sight/absolutQuartet/

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