Mischievous Monday Morning: A network called ‘Internet’

Mischievous Monday Morning: A network called ‘Internet’

Here is a beautiful movie to help you survive another Mischievous Monday Morning. Its a television item which was broadcasted on October 8, 1993 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is about a ‘new phenomena’ called ‘The Internet’.

For those of you who work in this industry it is good to realize just how young The Internet actually is. Just imagine what it will look like 14 years from now. Or don’t just imagine it and go back to work now and build it…

A few interesting quotes from the item:

“A revolution in which 15 million people take part”
“It has more soul than any human being I know!”
“The Internet is growing like an embryonic brain, at a rate of 10%, a month!”

The original can be seen at the CBC Digital Archives but here is a copy from Youtube:
A network called ‘Internet’ (6:25 minutes):

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