Crowd Status: what’s your crowd up to?

Crowd Status: what’s your crowd up to?

Everybody on the social web is always sharing what they’re up to. We’re answering the “what are you doing?” question on Twitter, telling LinkedIn connections what we’re working on or sharing some fun thoughts with Facebook friends. Sometimes we might even forget to enjoy the moment because we’re busy sharing (I always think this when I see people filming a concert with their camera phones).

So one of the consequences is the updates of the people we REALLY care about might get lost in the overabundance of status updates. I’m not only one who notices this, as there seems to be a trend going on that we want to divide our “friends” in groups. Two weeks ago I wrote about a service that tried to create groups in Twitter, yet they failed miserably. Now there’s a new tool, which makes it possible to create group pages to see what your friends, colleagues, heroes or whatever are doing. It’s called Crowd Status and developed by Darren Stuart.

My crowd, The Next Web editors, is currently concerned with the following things:

The tool is very basic now: it only works with Twitter and there are no widgets, Facebooks apps or whatsoever. Though it works fine if you just want so what a small group of selected people is doing. You could link to it from your Netvibes startpage or put public links on your blog. I’m not sure whether Stuart will develop it any further as he considers it to be a “personal project”. Yet the “definitely in Alpha” sign do gives me hope.

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