YouTube uses the Rolling Stones to attract an older audience

YouTube uses the Rolling Stones to attract an older audience

With the online music business heating up – MySpace created an online music venture with three music giants to start a battle with iTunes – YouTube also wants a piece of the action. They’re aiming for the baby boomers by partnering up with one of world’s most legendary rock bands. Together they’ve started the entertainment channel Living Legends.

Although there might be some exceptions (like me), most of the Rolling Stones fans tend to be somewhat older than average. And now the Google-owned company wants to lure them into the endless archives of videos. The news came out yesterday, though I was then busy conference blogging. However, I didn’t want to risk the possibility that one of you guys missed the news about the web-moves of this British band.

So considering YouTube to be a film-focused site there must be some connection with movies or other forms of visual expression. And of course there is, since fans can upload questions about the Stones documentary Mr. Scorsese is working on – called “Shine a Light“. Either Keith Richards or Mick Jagger will answer the best questions – especially the “burning ones”:


Although Keith Richards looks like an I’m-really-still-rock-‘n’-roll grandpa in the video, the gentlemen apparently like to keep up with new technologies. Or when being a bit more cynical: they just want to promote their new documentary whatever the medium. Anyhow, YouTube will find it’s way to the growing group of people in their fifties and sixties who are exploring Web 2.0.

By the way, watch “exclusive footage” of Shine a Light on Jason Calacanis’ blog

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