Women on the Next Web meetup

Women on the Next Web meetup

On Friday morning, every woman that participated in the conference got together at the Women on the next Web meetup, which I organized during the international meetup as a follow-up of the female Internet heroes series. About 40 women, being 5% of the participants, joined forces to network, get inspired and talk about their business.

Tessa Sterkenburg and Sharon MombruAmong them were some Dutch female heroes, such as Marja Ruigrok, founder and CEO of Ruigrok Netpanel, who submitted her latest press release about online surveys, as well as Louise Verschuren, founder of Wuzzon, winner of the Dragon’s Den contest, who mentioned the entering into the German market. Also was present Monique Dusseldorp of Picnic and internet trendwatcher Jacqueline Fackeldey, with whom I discussed the series about female heroes. Leonieke Verhoog of the VPRO highlighted the technical wonders of a white label social network based on ning.com, of whom Gina Bianchini is the founder and CEO.

Some founders of new start-ups were also present, such as Tessa Sterkenburg of the Thenextspeaker.com and Sharon Mombru, founder of the start-up Blue Insights, mentioned her search for a superb CTO for her venture. Sita Teli was there from the investors side. A huge success which will get a follow up, that’s for sure.

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