Things you need to know if you’re coming to the Next Web Conference

Things you need to know if you’re coming to the Next Web Conference

So here I am, sitting at an antique table, feeling the ‘we’re gonna do it’ vibe, drinking coffee that’s way too strong and preparing this important post with event manager Babette. After months of anticipating and preparing, the days of the Next Web Conference have almost come. I’ve just created a Flickr set to keep you guys visually posted about the latest developments, here’s a small selection:

Our temporary office Setting up the stage

Ok, so enough for the sentimental crap, here are the last minute utterly important updates that you HAVE to know when you’re coming to Europe’s hottest Web 2.0 conference:

The basic stuff

  • The conference will take place at the Transformatorhuis on the Klonne Plein at the Westergasfabriek terrain (click for a map). Take tram 10 to the Van Hallstraat or check the route by car here. See the location on Google Maps here.
  • It’s not possible to park on the Westergasfabriek terrain, so make sure you find a parking space nearby.
  • Bring your fake MUSTACHE for DIGGNATION! We’re not saying we will lynch you if you don’t…, just be prepared for the consequences.
  • If you want to come, but don’t have a ticket yet, call Patrick de Laive on +31642004200 to check if they’re any last-minute tickets left.

Side events

  • Meet other attendees for a drink at Cafe de Jaren in de Nieuwe Doelenstraat. The fun starts at 19:00 tonight.
  • We’ve been talking a lot about women on the web on this blog. Simone Brummelhuis, author of the series of Women on the web, organizes a Women on The Next Web Meetup during OpenCoffee on Friday from 09:00am – 10:30am. Send Simone an email if you’d like to join the conversation.
  • We’re Dutchmen so we like to get things free, and that you give a taste of the great feeling of getting things free we gladly offer you a free cup of coffee at the International Open Coffee on Friday morning (09:00am until 10:30am) at the Next Web venue.
  • We have few chairs left for the dinner at Odeon on Friday night. Make sure you’ll be at this culinary and networking highlight.

For all you content generating attendees out there

  • @roelandp has set-up a backchannel for all your Twitter needs. Post with #TNW in your tweet and see it live on Roeland is still working on it and he told me it will look slicker at 22:00 (10pm).
  • The official tag for all your photos, videos, blog posts and whatnot is thenextweb2008
  • MobyPicture is a mobile service that connects your mobile phone to your social sites, from Flickr to Twitter to your WordPress blog. Sign up for an account and then just email your photos from your phone or laptop to MobyPicture. Make sure to join the Next Web group from your account page for automatic posting to the group backchannel. The group photos will be on several websites, so prepare to be a star!

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