TheNextWeb2008 Update: Start networking

TheNextWeb2008 Update: Start networking

Why are we organizing The Next Web Conference?

1. We want to bring the European internet scene together in one place.
2. We want to inspire people, with visionary presentations from great speakers
3. We want you to do business
4. We want to facilitate networking
5. It is so much fun.

conf-network.jpgOne of the most important reasons why you are coming to The Next Web is because everybody is there. If you want to do business, build relationships, make new partnerships or get funded you’re at the right place. In previous editions we’ve noticed that The Next Web was the ultimate networking event. People are open, easy to approach and eager to do do business. That is the perfect attitude for a great and fruitful conference.

This year we will facilitate networking even more. We have multiple networking events (Expo breaks, Drinks before and after Diggnation, The Next Web Party, eBuddy Canal boat tour and more), but the big question is always… who else is there? Who do I already know and who should I meet when I’m there?

That is why we are introducing The Next Web Network, based on the ConfNetwork service (something we built ourselves!), where you can start networking, see who’s coming, make appointments, connect people and find out whom you should meet before the conference starts. This way you can get most out of your conference.

We believe that this network increases the value of the conference for our attendees. We are sending out all the invitations right now, so if you’re a conference attendee, check your mailbox and start networking!

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