Instapaper: no more 2read tags on Delicious

Instapaper: no more 2read tags on Delicious

What can we take away, to create something new?

This question was asked by Evan Williams during Le Web 3. Loyal readers of the Next Web Blog might recognize this quote, since I’m referring to it quite often. Williams’ presentation have been fascinating me for quite a while now. It often spooks through my head when reviewing a service.

So when I stumbled upon new bookmarking service Instapaper, I was immediately enthusiastic. The thing is, I’ve been using Delicious for a while to save long articles for later. Yet despite some heavy ‘2read’ tagging these links often escaped my attention.


There’s hardly any chance that I will loose any links on Developer Marco Arment left every fancy function out and focused just on the basics: temporary storage for long articles. Therefore, the site is easy accessible – even with my crappy mobile phone and iPod Touch. It’s just a matter of saving the articles with a bookmarklet and looking them up through the site or RSS.

So from now on, when I have an hour of spare time, I just browse to Instapaper and read the well-written content that otherwise would have never got my attention. After doing that, I can always share them on Delicious or Fleck.

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