Hyves crashes The Next Web Awards servers

Hyves crashes The Next Web Awards servers

Today, Hyves, the biggest social network in the Netherlands (25% of all Dutchies -including fetuses- have a profile there) decided to go for Gold and asked their community to vote for them to win a The Next Web Award in the category “Best European Company”.

Hyves has 100 million pageviews per day and over a 1000 servers… and by putting it as a primary message on the home page it started raining votes, over 3000 votes in 10 minutes! That was when our servers got tired and crashed.

The Conference website is still up and you CAN still order tickets


They were pretty inventive, because afterwards they put my profile on the front page and said that you could vote for hyves on my profile, look what happened :)


Update: Servers are up again.

Update 2: Well, they are up again but at a different address! Try this if you want to vote.

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