Diggnation Amsterdam, the biggest internet event in the world!

Diggnation Amsterdam, the biggest internet event in the world!

This Thursday something special is going to happen. At 6pm Amsterdam time Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht will enter the main conference room of The Next Web. There they will record Diggnation episode nr 148 on a white couch in front of an audience of almost a thousand people!

Diggnation in AmsterdamWe’re going to have a lot of fun. The recording can be attended by all attendees of The Next Web Conference and Diggnation fans (who do not attend the conference) can join us for free in the Transformatorhuis in Amsterdam. We’ll open the doors 5:30pm. There is limited room and if it is full it is full, so be on time.

As not all fans live in or nearby Amsterdam, we’ve come up with a solution. We’re going to live stream it. We’re serious here, this is not a live stream with a mobile client using Qik or Ustream, no this is the real stuff. We’ve teamed up with NOS, Cross Media Ventures, Team.tv, and TechCrunch (media partner), to make this stream available for thousands and thousands of people, no matter where you live. The infrastructure used here is similar to the infrastructure used for massive events like upcoming European Soccer Championships and the Olympic Games, so we’re prepared for huge crowds.

You can tune in here or at revision 3, but if you want you can be part of this as well. We’ll provide an embeddable code for your blog, leave a comment with your blog url and we’ll ping you when the embeddable player is ready (some hours before the start of Diggnation).

If there is a world record for watching an internet event via a live stream, I’d say, lets digg it… I mean break it!

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