Link to a specific Youtube Warp in your blog and website

Link to a specific Youtube Warp in your blog and website

We wrote about the YouTube warp before on The Next Web. It is a visual way of browsing videos on Youtube. Cute but not very useful and well hidden from most users. But now there is a way to link to the Warp browser in your blog or website. A simple how to, link to this URL:

If you put the alpha numeric part of the video behind the ‘=’ sign, your hyperlink will be enriched with some warp magic. An example:, makes one beautiful warp about warps.

It can be useful if you want to guide your readers or visitors through a video tour on a specific subject. Wanna tell people where it went wrong with Britney Spears? Or do you prefer to tell them what Easter is all about? No problem! The warp creates an easy and attractive way to show related videos. Although there’s always the risk of some totally inappropriate computer-generated link…

screenshot youtube warp

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