TheNextWeb2008 Update: We want to interview you

TheNextWeb2008 Update: We want to interview you

In only 13 days The Next Web Conference will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We will post short daily updates about speakers, initiatives and events here.

redcouch-beckstrom.jpgAt The Next Web Conference the whole influential European internet scene gathers in Amsterdam, to be inspired by the speakers, to network, to do business, to have fun and to share knowledge. All these bright, inspiring and knowledgeable people in one physical space is of course an excellent occasion to do interviews and to brainpick the audience in front of a camera.

This is what Level 3 is doing during our upcoming conference.

Hannah Brit, marketing manager at Level 3, explains: “We are constantly seeking the most influential people to join us on the Red Couch – people like the attendees of The Next Web. All you have to do is sit down, get comfortable and let the world know where you think technology will take us next. Your thoughts and ideas will be available at along with those of this year’s honored guests. So come and weigh in on the potentials of technology and let us know what you’re doing today that will redefine tomorrow.”

To book your interview time at Next Web 2008 please send an email to [email protected]

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