The new WordPress version is all about simplicity

The new WordPress version is all about simplicity

A few weeks ago I wrote that WordPress isn’t going to be the next social network, as some bloggers like Anne Zelenka claimed. I based this statement on several experiences with co-writers. Sometimes I work with people who are passionate about what they do and want to share their knowledge about a certain matter with the world. Rightfully so, they start blogging. And I’m there to help them out with the first steps of WordPress.

Most of the times I tell them it’s not that hard to grasp since writing posts is the only thing they are planning to do. Yet when they have a first look at the Dashboard they generally say it doesn’t look simple at all. I get why they say that, since the overabundance of options on the ‘Write’ page can be overwhelming.

Luckily Matt Mullenweg’s team is smart enough to interview WordPress users and you can tell by looking at the first sneak peek screenshots of the new WordPress, version 2.5:

WordPress 203A Blog » 2.5 Sneak Peek

The new write screen (..) displays the most common fields in a way that makes posting incredibly easy. Additional options are hidden away until you need them. The new Write screen anticipates the natural flow of the way you write, and is smart enough to remember the way you left it so that your preferred writing environment is always quickly available. The new visual editor even has a handy full-screen mode to help block out distractions while composing your newest post.

They’ve not just gave the Write screen a visual update, it’s the whole Dashboard that looks better. When those new users I was talking about open the Dashboard of the new WordPress, they just see four tabs:

WordPress 203A Blog » 2.5 Sneak Peek

So Mullenweg might catch up and actually have a Dashboard that might be understandable for people who hardly get Microsoft Office. If he can do that, I’ll change my mind about WordPress as the next social network. immediately. After a few days of feedback, Mullenweg will set a final release date. Just like him, I can’t wait!

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