Bambuser: stream video from your phone, even if it’s not a Nokia

Bambuser: stream video from your phone, even if it’s not a Nokia

In the beginning of December I celebrated ‘a revolution in mobile video‘. I was talking about The popular service that allows you to stream live from your phone. And oh, they’re also having a love affair with Robert Scoble. If you’ve visited a tech or web conference lately, chances are high that Scoble dragged you in front of his N95 to ask some questions. It also happened to us.

Yet there’s one problem with Qik. They seem to be a bit lazy since they still only support Nokia phones. Sure, the FAQ says ‘We are continuously adding support for phones’, yet all those people out there without a Nokia can still only dream about using Qik.

But now there’s the Swedish start-up Bambuser! I won’t call it another revolution, but it sure looks like a good Qik-alternative. Just like Qik, it differs from other services like Seesmic and Kyte with the good usability. It’s a little like the Twitter philosophy: leave out the unnecessary extras. So that’s great news for Sony Ericsson and Samsung adapts, you can all start your own video shows now too.

Live broadcasting from mobile phones and webcams | Bambuser

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