Pure geek stuff: The Cyborg Name Decoder

Pure geek stuff: The Cyborg Name Decoder

Every blog needs some light-hearted and fun posts once in a while. When writing for a Web 2.0 blog, chances are high these posts are geeky. So please don’t blame for posting this Cyborg Name Decoder tool, since the signature of this blog completely legitimizes it.

So here we go. Imagine my fellow bloggers were cyborgs, these would be their names:

Transforming Electronic Construct Hardwired for Ceaseless Repair, Ultimate Nullification and Capable HarmMechanical Artificial Soldier Hardwired for Accurate Battle and Logical Exploration
Robotic Wireless WorkerLifeform Optimized for Online Gratification and Immediate Calculation

I hope you guys all had your laughs, so I can go back to being a serious blogger now. Thank you.

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