121 Chat: Steve Garnett @ Salesforce.com

121 Chat: Steve Garnett @ Salesforce.com

At London’s startupcamp.org, I had the opportunity for a one-to one chat with Steve Garnett, Chairman of Salesforce.com for Europe, Middle East & Africa, and formerly with Oracle and Siebel Systems, and asked him about what Salesforce has planned to further integrate and enhance SaaS (Software as a Service), from the perspective of a web 2.0 entrepreneur.

Steve Garnett Presenting at Startupcamp London
The interview is just a touch under 7 minutes in duration, and was conducted for http://thenextweb.org/
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TechWeb TV were also in town for startupcamp, and Fritz Nelson conducts a great interview with Steve here, covering SaaS in the European market, competition and being a startup. Watch out for me in my kilt in the opening titles!


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