LinkedIn just loves Facebook

LinkedIn just loves Facebook

Yesterday TechCrunch reported that LinkedIn would launch its new lay-out today. Mark Hendrickson wrote that ‘these updates feel like an attempt to mimic Facebook’. Well, LinkedIn is not just using Facebook as an inspiration for the design, also some marketing techniques are copied.

You might remember that Bill Gates joined Facebook a while ago, but left as he was overwhelmed with friend requests – around 8,000 per day. It created a good buzz, and that didn’t go unnoticed by LinkedIn.

Because, surprise surprise, the Microsoft Chairman has now asked a question on LinkedIn:


The answer is of course: stay on Facebook and talk with them! Before you go ahead and answer the question, you might want to check out this demo of the new LinkedIn features. Since whether they copy marketing techniques or not, they’re still a good service for professional networking.


[WebTipr: Yaniv Solnik, Israel]

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