makes blogs more accessible for the masses makes blogs more accessible for the masses

Some people say that blogging is soo two years ago, I dare to differ. Especially here in Europe, there are lot of opportunities. There still so much people who don’t even know what blog is. And that’s strange, considering the assumption that everybody has at least one hobby or passion. And somewhere, on the web, somebody is writing about that exact same hobby. Who wouldn’t want to read that?

Yet, blogs aren’t that user friendly for the not so web-minded people. How on earth do they find them? Let’s face it, Technorati is just too geeky for your 76-year old neighbor and the Google results are too cluttered. They just don’t even want to know what ‘tags’ or ‘trackbacks’ are.

Now there is, a clean-looking catalog for blogs. Mashable reports that ‘its primary topic is likely going to be the average web user that recognizes blogs too have a wealth of information across various topics’.

So imagine that your neighbor is into cooking, look how easy she can find some interesting blogs about this lovely activity:

Cooking Blog Directory

Directories with easy interfaces that remind people of magazines and newspaper will the step to the digital world not too big, not even for the elderly. I believe initiatives like contribute to the revolution that is ahead of us. Namely the European mass adoption of the medium blog.

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