Blippr: finally an easy way to organize your media

Blippr: finally an easy way to organize your media

Hey you, new review service Blippr asks you something:

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, it’s really annoying I can’t organize all the media I’ve encountered over my brief years on this little planet known as Earth…”?

I know I did, I even started a blog once to write short reviews about all the cultural stuff I had done. After three reviews, the blog died a silent dead. Now the time has come for me to reconsider whether I want to organize my media or not. This time with an awfully-named new service.

Blippr has another advantage compared to the blog, since it also allows users to recommend each other new music, films and other types of media by either writing short reviews or rating them. ‘Not another social network!’, I hear you say, and it’s exactly what I thought. But the founders of Blippr claim that it will function within the context of your social network. You know the deal: Facebook apps and all.

However, we’ll have to wait a while, since the service is still in private beta. They’ll launch the sharing tools when they go in to a public beta. It will look something like this:

the grand tour: discover - blippr [beta]

I must admit, I’m writing this article on the basis of their well-designed tour. I’ll definitely give it a shot when it’s in public beta, so I can start organizing my media again. They offer me three lists:

  • My sphere: every time I ‘blip’ – or dig for that matter – something, it goes on this list. So this is basically my archive.
  • My queue: Paul David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, will love this, since it’s a list to keep track of media you want to see, hear or read in the near future.
  • Wish list (or: Blippr’s money machine): show Blippr the money! Their business model is of course generating money through sending people to Amazon to buy all the media their friends recommend. I can put the stuff I want to buy on this list, which makes it also a useful list for my friends during the holiday season.

One thing though, my friends have to be on Blippr then. That’s the danger of starting a service like this, it only gets interesting as soon as the people you like are on it as well. My advice for the guys of Blippr, you’d better start thinking about how you gonna make this service at least as viral as NotchUp.

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