The perfect lifestream is a simple one

The perfect lifestream is a simple one

I recently started working on a personal blog, just to aggregate all my online content in one place. So let’s say that we meet for the first time and you want to know what I’m doing, I can just tell you to surf to one spot where all my work is presented.

During the designing process, I soon faced the problem of integrating all these services like Twitter, Flickr,, etcetera etcetera. How can I aggregate all those different types of content without turning my blog into widget paradise?

The answer turns out to be simple: use an escaloop badge. It’s nothing more than a feed aggregator that presents the content in a clean and simple way. Just like the visualization of the service:


Escaloop is a personal side project by German Yahoo coder Carlo Zottmann. I hope he supports his side project with a pretty solid server, since escaloop might get a bit more popular than he thought it would.

By the way, if this article brought you in a lifestream-state-of mind, check out this useful lifestream post on ReadWriteWeb.

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