Free WordPress Plugin: “100 SEO tips”

Free WordPress Plugin: “100 SEO tips”
We love WordPress
We Love WordPress

Last week I was browsing through our WordPress Admin here and noticed the “Hello Dolly” plugin. This is a plugin that comes pre-installed with every WordPress install. When activated you will randomly see a lyric from Hello, Dolly in the upper right of your admin screen on every page. As you can imagine this isn’t a very useful plugin. Then I decided to take the “Hello Dolly” plugin and make it do something useful: display tips.

I wrote a blog post on my personal blog and sent an update to Twitter asking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips. Then I opened up a Google Spreadsheet where people could insert and edit the tips. Within 30 minutes I had received hundreds of tips from several friendly SEO experts (complete list below). Together we wrote, collected and fine-tuned more than 250 tips. We ended up with a nice collection of exactly “100 SEO Tips” which is also the title of the Plugin we launch today.

Even if you know a lot about SEO this plugin is still fun to install. It reminds you, casually, of what you already know but sometimes forget. So, install it, share it, link back here and if you have a few tips of your own please do share them with us so we can include them in the next version of the plugin.

Install: Download the plugin, unzip, upload to server in directory /wp-content/plugins/ and then activate in WordPress Management. Tips will appear in top right corner of WordPress admin.

Please let us know if you installed it by leaving a comment here with your blog url! Or even better, blog about it and and send us a trackback.

Special thanks to the following people who helped collect the tips: David Petherick, Joop Dorresteijn, Nikki Pilkington , Joery Bruijntjes, Gerben Bouwhuis and Eduard Blacquière .

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