bigger than Google in September 2008 bigger than Google in September 2008

Could it be? Could become a bigger web destination than If you look at Alexa (Reach: Percentage of Internet users who visit Google and it certainly seems so. Just recently Google had to give up its second place on the top 10 list of websites to Youtube but now it has been surpassed in rank even by and is currently number 4 on the list. As you can see I used a very unscientific method to predict the daily reach for both and and Live is clearly on the rise. bigger than Google in September 2008

Not all data on Compete shows as the winner but this one (pages per visit) certainly does:

Google VS on Compete

I know these numbers are debatable and are more indications of web traffic and usage but even so, this would have been unthinkable in November 2005 when launched. Google has long been considered the only viable search destination. My guess is that in 2008 more and more people will start considering alternatives such as, and maybe even new players like ManagedQ which we profiled here earlier.

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