VideoInterview: Leah Culver from Pownce

VideoInterview: Leah Culver from Pownce

Leah Culver is Co-founder and Lead Developer of, a social messaging application. We talk about Pownce growth, the recent ‘going out of closed beta’ launch, Valentines day, the much awaited Pownce API (news!), what Kevin Rose REALLY does at Pownce, her ideas about the Yahoo/Microsoft situation, a strange situation involving Leah, oranges and lots of booze, her (very open) ideas about privacy, her upcoming trip to Amsterdam (she will speak at The Next Web Conference), about Pownce’s popularity in France and the differences and similarities between Pownce and Twitter.

Sit back, relax and enjoy:

Want to know more about Pownce? First, try it out and then read these excellent reviews at Mashable and/or Techcrunch.

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