Overlay.tv: Ad Advertisements To Video

Overlay.tv: Ad Advertisements To Video

Video Advertising service Overlay.tv has just launched (press release) in beta. The service provides (registered) users with tools to add content to existing movies in a new layer. Content means arrows, images, drawings, random stuff they find online and insert with a bookmarklet and, more interesting, advertisements.

These advertisements are supplied by one of the 700+ affiliate partners that Overlay.tv has deals with. It is an interesting model and so far it seems to work out. I looked at a few examples expecting them to be littered with ‘interesting’ content but people seem to behave, so far. Here is an example of a Sex and the City movie which has been enriched with a few links to ecommerce sites selling clothing, shoes (yep, Manolo Blahnik!) and The Complete Series (A link to Amazon).

In time you will share the referral fee 50/50 with Overlay.tv for all goods sold through Overlay.tv. But not during the Beta. Right now Overlay.TV will donate all referral proceeds to charity. Lets hope the Beta doesn’t take too long!

On your lunch break? Then watch their 70s inspired promo movie. It is not THAT funny so don’t waste too much time on it:

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