VideoInterview: Scott Rafer from Lookery

VideoInterview: Scott Rafer from Lookery

Lookery logoLast week I had a video interview with Scott Rafer from Unfortunately iChat screwed me again and this time recorded only 30 seconds of video for a 13 minute interview. Instead of having you stare at a black screen the rest of the time I filled it up with photos (zooming in and out) of Scott I found at Flickr. My advice: just listen to the interview. Scott is an inspiring and funny guy and he talks about a few interesting subjects such as why they decided to stop using OpenAds, how well Lookery is doing and even hints at how much they sold MyBlogLog for. is a company serving ads to Facebook and other social networks. The team behind Lookery consists of Dave Cancel, Rex Dixon, Todd Sawicki and Scott Rafer. Scott is a co-founder, formely CEO of (Sold to Yahoo) and chairman at Lookery just raised a $900,000 seed round of funding last week from Charles River Ventures, Reed Hundt and Vikas Taneja.

Check these excellent articles for more information about Lookery: Venturebeat review, Mashable review and Techcunch review.

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