So what’s the latest on Microsoft and Yahoo?

So what’s the latest on Microsoft and Yahoo?

As Scott Karp from Publishing 2.0 stated two days ago, not writing about the bid of Microsoft on Yahoo means losing the ‘media/tech blogger license’. Yet since Boris already wrote an thorough analysis about the possible deal on The Next Web Blog, I prefer to just give you an update on the latest developments.

Google Alliance
microhooYesterday a source familiar with Yahoo’s strategy said that the company is considering a business alliance with Google ‘as a way to rebuff a $44.6 billion takeover proposal by Microsoft’.
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Poison Pill
Microsoft may end up disappointed since Yahoo has some defense at its disposal should Microsoft’s bid turn hostile. In 2001 the tech company adopted a poison pill. This is a defense mechanism that makes an offer incredibly expensive by giving shareholders the right to to convert their shares into a large number of common shares.
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Google’s Reaction
This is actually funny, Google is desperately holding on to their ‘do no evil’ credo, even when it comes to.. competition. The pot calls the kettle black.
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Microsoft reacts to Google
Microsoft responded quickly on Google’s accusation. General Counsel Brad Smith said: “The combination of Microsoft and Yahoo! will create a more competitive marketplace by establishing a compelling number two competitor for Internet search and on-line advertising.”
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Eleven dreams and nightmares
If one giant tries to take over another giant, everybody starts fantasizing about what this might cause. So does one of America’s largest newspapers.
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