Facebook: an alternative to Del.icio.us and Google?

Facebook: an alternative to Del.icio.us and Google?

Some things never change. You would think that with Del.icio.us, Google Bookmarks and all the other social bookmarking initiatives, nobody would be doing it the old fashioned way with, you know, actual bookmarks. But AddThis tracks what people do on a huge collection of websites. They offer a simple yet powerful widget that makes it easier to share URLs with bookmarking services. Because they do this they can provides statistics about the bookmarking and sharing activity of users.

More people now share URLs via Facebook than Del.icio.us. But Bookmarks or Favorites, are back, stealing the first position from Google Bookmarks. And yes, they mean “browser bookmarking”. Actual bookmarks, in browsers.

Interestingly enough Facebook has just taken the third spot away from Del.icio.us.

Top Bookmarking/Sharing – October 2007

I think we can look at this as yet another reality check. While we, the Web 2.0 industry, think that everybody is doing the ‘web thing’ just as sophisticated as us, most people are still using the tools they’re familiar with. And IF they’re are using a tool, it’s.., of course, Facebook.

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