Digg.com: 2.7 Million Pimplefaces

Digg.com: 2.7 Million Pimplefaces

Digg Growth according to John Graham-CummingDigg.com doesn’t talk much about the number of registered Digg users. The last time they announced something was in March 2007 when they reached 1 million registered users. But it turns out that if you take a good luck at the source code of the profile pages, and John Graham-Cumming did just that, you can find a unique identifier, in a hidden HTML form input field, for every users that seems to auto increment with every new users.

Graham-Cumming looked at a lot of profile pages and plotted every month from December 2004 until December 2007 on a map. His conclusion: Digg currently has 2.7 millions users and if his data is correct then Digg is currently growing at a rate of around 110,000 users per month.

Digg, and in particular TriClear do have a fairly rudimentary view of what their users look like. Judging from the ads being pushed at us repeatedly we are a bunch of greasy pimplefaces who could benefit from using ‘TriClear Triple-Action Acne Eliminitator With Patented Cleaplexion Delivery Technology’.

Oh my God! It is like looking into a mirror!! How did they know?!?!

Pimplefaced Digg User

Is this YOU too? Then Digg me!

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