Helio CEO Sky Dayton steps down/up/is promoted

Helio CEO Sky Dayton steps down/up/is promoted

Sky DaytonA few minutes ago Valley Insider reported that Helio ‘founding CEO Sky Dayton is stepping down’ and ‘President/COO Wonhee Sull is being promoted to CEO’ and ended a very short blog with ‘More details coming’. I decided to mail Helio PR and ask them ‘Is it true? Sky Dayton steps down as CEO?’. Within 1 minute I received a reply:

No that is not correct. Sky has been promoted to the chairman of Helio’s board of directors. Our current President & COO has been promoted to the CEO role.

Nobody is stepping down, everybody is moving up! No news here folks, move along. So is Valley Insider making things seem worse then they are or is is Helio turning 1 negative (Dayton stepping down) into 2 positives (Dayton moving up, Sull too!).

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I guess we will never know…

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